Get Me Discovered

Our one page does more than most websites!

You have heard the expression "Less is More". Sometimes there just is not much to say so why try saying too much. You may talk your customer right out of a sale. Our single page websites do an excellent job of communicating a clear distinct message for you.


Our one-page websites are perfect for introducing a product or idea, an event, or some other promotion.

Lead Generation

Enter to Win Contests, Teeth Whitening Kits, Discount Insurance Quotes... the list goes on with how many

Authors and Book Publications

Let's face it. You've written your masterpiece, the last thing you want to do is to now have to write a website.

Local Small Business

If you are a budget-conscious local business then we strongly recommend purchasing our Get Me Discovered website. It includes a photo of your place, a map, text about your company, hours of operation. If your a restaurant, you can even add your menu.

Mini-Web Stores

Show my product and give me a Buy Now button. That's all I need!


Product at end-of-life? A company purchased and swallowed up by a bigger corporation. A name change occurred? There are any number of reasons that a full-featured website is unnecessary, but as a courtesy to patrons you want to inform them of what to do next.

Web Design Features

  • One Clear Message
  • Great for PPC Landing Page
  • Squeeze Page
  • Strong Conversions
  • Custom Design
  • Contact Form

Get Started

Get Me Discovered can create a solid footprint on the Internet. As your needs grow, your budget increases, demands for more rise, you can always upgrade your web page into a full-blown website.

Successful Examples

These websites have operated for years (some more than a decade).